(January 9, 2010)

The first review of Crown of Vengeance has been posted, and the verdict is good!  Be sure to read the review, which is a very thorough one.  Then, make sure you pick up a copy, and you can have it signed too, in our online store.


(November 16, 2009)

Softcover copies of Crown of Vengeance are now available! Purchase from a bookstore, online, or order direct from us (and you can get one inscribed, personally, for no extra cost at all!)

Visit the online store today!

(October 14, 2009)

The pre-order windows for both the special limited edition hardcover version of Crown of Veneance and the first edition trade paperback are now live and up at www.firesineden.com

Both pre-ordering windows will be up until November 1st.  The special limited edition hardcover run will only be 100 copies, so be sure to get your order in right away if you want to have this version.

Both versions, the limited edition hardcover and trade paperback, feature a special pre-order package of extras including a poster of the cover art, a set of collectible art cards, and a collectible set of bookmarks.

Visit www.firesineden.com today!

(September 21, 2009)

Pre-order window for both the special limited edition version and first editions of Stephen Zimmer's next novel, which begins a new medieval fantasy series, will be posted here in the next two weeks.  Check back for information on special packages and much more!

(August 7, 2009)

The Seventh Star Press Podcast, the companion to our Blog/Interview/Review series, is now underway. The first episode features author Crymsyn Hart.  You can always look up an archive of our podcasts right here on the site, or go to Seventhstarpress.blogspot.com.

(August 3, 2009)

Be sure to check the bookstore availability page, as we have added some new stores to the list, including Borders in Columbus, OH and Borders in Louisville, Ky, Sherlock's Book Emporium in Lebanon, TN, and Rock Point Books in Chattanooga, TN.  We always encourage book buyers to support bookstores that stock small press titles!

(July 14, 2009)


Just in from Stephen Zimmer:

"Be sure to check out the first elements of what is going to be a big, growing Lexicon for the world of the Rising Dawn Saga (including The Exodus Gate).  Mild spoilers, but a great resource for the series that will be added to extensively.



The Lexicon will contain some more depth and background that is not readily present in the books, including some of the sources of inspirations for various creatures and characters.

(July 7, 2009)

Information on a new horror anthology from Seventh Star Press's chief editor Amanda DeBord, as well as information on the first title in an exciting new medieval fantasy series by Stephen Zimmer, are coming very soon.  Announcements will also be made regarding the release of the 2nd book in the Rising Dawn Saga, the sequel to The Exodus Gate.

Also be sure to stay tuned for announcements on the upcoming Seventh Star Press Podcast and the launching of a new series of articles and interviews of small press authors and publishers that will be carried on the Seventh Star Press Blog. 

Seventh Star Press is proud to be one of the participating sponsors in the exciting new Imagicopter venture for small press authors.

(June 15, 2009)

New interview of Stephen Zimmer conducted by Amber at Amberkatze's Book Blog.  Contest for a copy of the book too!  Click below to go read the interview.


Also be sure to check out a new Exodus Gate review at:


[May 25, 2009)


Buy The Exodus Gate in a bookstore and get free collectible memorabilia from The Exodus Gate!

To encourage readers to buy The Exodus Gate in a bookstore, we are making a special offer. 

Mail us a receipt of copy of your purchase receipt for The Exodus Gate from a bookstore, or email us a scanned image or clearly readable photo, and we will send you a free, full set of 7 full color, glossy art cards, depicting the cover art and 6 of the full page illustrations from the book that were done by artist Matthew Perry. 

The back of these cards have information on the images and are numbered as a set.  You will also receive a complimentary pair of bookmarks from The Exodus Gate to go with your set of art cards.

A full list of stores carrying the Exodus Gate can be found at:


Email scans or photos of receipts to:  seventhstar@seventhstarpress.com

Or mail copies or purchase receipts to: 

Seventh Star Press

Attn: Bookstore promotion

3801 Dylan Place Suite 116, #7

Lexington, KY. 40514-1062

Please be sure to include your full mailing address, and we will send you a package out right away!  Thank you for supporting bookstores that support small press publishing!

This summer promotion will run through the end of August.

[May 23, 2009)

Congratulations to Amber Gibson of Naperville, IL, and Bridget Hopper of Hebron, Ky.  Amber won the contest held on Interview With Authors, and Bridget won the contest at Something Wicked.  Amber and Bridget each won a signed copy of The Exodus Gate along with a poster, art cards, bookmarks, and an 8X10.

[May 14, 2009)

Another interview and giveaway contest has been posted for The Exodus Gate, over on the Something Wicked Blog.  This interview of Stephen Zimmer was conducted by author Shirley Damsgaard, who wrote the Ophelia and Abby mystery series (Avon Books). 


[May 12, 2009]

A couple of new online articles involving The Exodus Gate's Stephen Zimmer.   Both blogs are sponsoring giveaways of the book, so be sure to visit, leave a comment, and be entered for the giveaway!

Interview with Authors:


And Popin's Lair, guest posting:


[May 8, 2009]

Congratulations to Melissa Holland of Columbus, Ohio, who is the winner of our April online banner contest for The Exodus Gate.  Melissa will be getting a signed book, poster, art cards, bookmarks, and 8X10 of the cover art.  Congrats, Melissa!

[April 29, 2009]

For those that would like to read a sample of The Exodus Gate, we are providing a PDF with part of Section I of the book.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system to access this Exodus Gate sample. 

Right-click and save file to your computer or just click on link to open up in a browser.

Exodus Gate Sample

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader,

Click here to get a free download

[April 26, 2009]

The Exodus Gate author Stephen Zimmer is off to Des Moines, IA for DemiCon 20 this weekend to make an appearance.  He will be on no less than 3 panels, and will also do a reading and a signing. 

We have a new list of bookstores that are carrying The Exodus Gate.  Click here to go straight there, or look under Books, for Bookstore Availability in our menu bar above.  Please support independent bookstores that carry small press titles, and the few chain stores that have managers who are friendly to the small press author.

Here are two pics from the Joseph Beth Bookseller signing in Lexington on April 17th. (bookstore sold out entirely of books that night!)


Don't forget, Kindle, eBook, and Print editions are all now available!

[March 30, 2009]

Want to win a signed copy of the Exodus Gate?  Head on over to author Stephen Zimmer's site at www.stephenzimmer.com and read the March 30 news entry on the home page. 

It's as easy as putting up a web banner on your MySpace page or website.  There are two runners-up prizes as well.  It only takes a few minutes, so be sure to check it out.

[March 24, 2009]

Two new reviews have gone up for The Exodus Gate.

Here is one from Yellow30 SciFi


and here's one from Best Fantasy Books in New Zealand


We are also pleased to announce that a Kindle Version of The Exodus Gate is now available, as is an eBook edition for Adobe Readers. 

Direct link to the Kindle Version is:

Amazon Kindle Edition of The Exodus Gate

and here are a couple links to the eBook versions

Diesel eBooks


Books on Board

[March 3, 2009]

March is a big month for Seventh Star Press, as The Exodus Gate will be released in the USA, with availability in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Continental Europe close behind.

We will be posting more information very shortly.  Outreach is currently underway by our publicist for reviews, press, and scheduling appearances for Stephen Zimmer.

The Exodus Gate will also be made available in eBook and Kindle formats, and we expect to have release infromation on electronic formats posted within the next week.

[February 20, 2009]

Limited Edition copies have all been signed by author, editor, and illustrator.  Packages will be shipping early next week. 

Tentative release date of The Exodus Gate is Tuesday, March 9.  We are now taking pre-orders, and you can order a signed copy. Other memorabilia from the release of The Exodus Gate are also now available, so pick up a bookmark, poster, or our sharp Series I set of art cards based upon illustrations featured in the First Edition of The Exodus Gate.

Click here to go straight to the online store.

[February 15, 2009]

Limited Edition packages should be shipping by the end of the week or at the beginning of the following week.

We will be posting release information for The Exodus Gate by the end of this week, with an early March release window. 

New web banners with code have been added to the site underneath the Books link so that everyone can help promote The Exodus Gate.  Click here to go there directly.

[January 29, 2009]

Cover art revealed! 

The Limited Edition of the Exodus Gate will be shipping in just about 2 weeks, and the release date of the novel itself will be announced shortly.

We are also posting three of the fifteen illustrations that will be featured in the book, so you can get an idea of the look and feel of the artwork.  Cover art and illustrations were done by Matthew Perry.

Here's one, showing one of the Avatars, Enki, and two Qilin that are encountered in the novel.

Here's another, showing the final version of the Erishkegal/Kur artwork that was shown "in-progress" earlier.

[January 12, 2009]
We wanted to thank everyone who pre-ordered a special Limited Edition Version of The Exodus Gate.  You are going to be very pleased with some extra surprises in this edition that celebrates the debut of an exciting new fantasy series. 

We will  be posting news very shortly regarding the release of the regular edition, and its availability in North America and Europe, as well as e-book versions.

[January 11, 2009]
We are going to leave the pre-order window open throughout today, January 11th, and will close it sometime just after midnight. 

[January 2, 2009]
Just a reminder, but the deadline is getting close for pre-ordering a limited edition version of the Exodus Gate!  Signed, hand-numbered, with a bunch of extras, this is a unique, limited edition.  Be sure to pre-order your package today securely using any credit card through PayPal.  Details on the left side of this page.

January 10th the window for pre-orders closes!

[December 2008]
The official site of Seventh Star Press is finally up and running, with our debut release right around the corner.  The Exodus Gate, the first book in the Rising Dawn Saga by Stephen Zimmer, will be available very, very soon.  Limited First Edition packages are now available. 

Below is a sneak peak at an in-progress illustration by artist Matthew Perry.  We just couldn't wait to give you a hint of the look!